Insecticide Aspid 50WG (FOSMET 50%) 35g JED View larger

Insecticide Aspid 50WG (FOSMET 50%) 35g JED

It is a persistent action insecticide that acts on a large number of pests, with low impact on beneficial insects and mites. It acts on against prays, white fly, olive fly, mealybug, leaf miners, fruit fly, psilas, carpocapsa ...

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Composition: Fosmet 50% in the form of wettable powder (WP)
How to use: Apply in manual spraying with backpack, ensuring a good coverage of the spray.
Dosage in citrus 50g / hl. Dosage in olive and fruit trees with bone 150g / hl. Dosage in palm trees 150g / hl.

Read the label carefully before using the product.

Package: 35gr