Insecticide Aspid 50WG (FOSMET 50%) 1kg

According to R.D. 285/2021 of April 20, which establishes the storage, marketing, import or export conditions, the distance sale of this product is not allowed, and it is only possible to collect it in store.

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It is a persistent action insecticide that acts on a large number of pests, with low impact on beneficial insects and mites. It acts on against prays, white fly, olive fly, mealybug, leaf miners, fruit fly, psilas, carpocapsa ...

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Composition: Fosmet 50% in wettable powder form (WP) How to use: Apply in manual spraying with a backpack, guaranteeing a good coverage of the spraying. Citrus dose 50g / hl. Dose in olive and stone fruit trees 150g / hl. Dose in palm trees 150g / hl. Read the label carefully before using the product. Packaging: 35gr

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