Injection nutritious compost for palms and trees View larger

Injection nutritious compost for palms and trees

It is a self-pressurized endotherapy device that contains 25 ml of nutritional product for direct injection to the trunk at Low Pressure. It is ideal for the immunization of resinous conifers against processionary and other boring pests (tomicus and other scolithids). Includes small connector.

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Fertinyect presents a format designed exclusively for professionals, which contains a single fertilizer formulation with all the necessary elements of nutrition, development and protection they need and palm trees. In one device to full reactivation causes general weakening, protection, development and strengthening of roots against soil pathogens, and improving the energy state of the tree is concentrated. With professional, trees and stronger, greener and better developed Ynject palms


  • Formulation: This injection is fertilizer (nutrient).


  • Applications: to combat the lack of compost of various trees and shrubs.

Ynject, easier
Ynject achieved simplicity in all operations involved in treatment, and without using protective equipment.

Ynject, more flexible
The Ynject system allows the application at any time of day, without having to close or isolate the areas to be treated, and regardless of weather conditions.

Ynject, more sustainable
Thanks to the Ynject technology, the issue of plant protection products that may be harmful to humans and animals is completely avoided.

Ynject, more effective
Since the applied product is introduced directly into the vascular system of the tree or palm, the impact and effectiveness of it multiplies.

Ynject, more durable
The injection system increases the pervasiveness and duration of the effects of the applied product.

Ynject, more savings
Ynject able to reduce the number of applications required for any treatment, which saves considerable plant health, water, energy, application times and labor.