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GLADIS moisturizer 1KG

GLADIS is a solid biostimulant of plant origin with osmoprotective action, which favors the process of flowering, fruit setting and fruit retention. Improves plant moistening processes and plant response to adverse conditions.

- Induces ?owering and fruit retention.
- Improves plant hydration levels in any phenological stage.
- Increases yield and final quality.

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100gr x 100m2 two applications

CAUTION: to store the product it is very important that it is very well closed because with humidity it decomposes.

Preventively, it acts as an osmoprotector for the plant, improving its response to the extreme conditions that the crop must face.

Balances the water between the plant and the environment, increasing the resistance of the plant against situations of water stress, saline, drought and dehydration.

It is a natural preparation that can be applied aerially and in some cases by fertigation. It is a systemic product.
For optimal penetration it is recommended:
- Apply early in the morning or late at night.
- Carry out the application in conditions of high humidity.

On the lawn it will be applied after mowing, at the beginning of summer.
It should be applied during flowering, if the plant has different stages of flowering, it is recommended to make several applications at different stages.
It is for all types of cultivation.

It acts directly on plant cells, protecting them and increasing their osmotic balance. In this way, the cells are prevented from losing water in periods of drought or absorbing it excessively in the case of heavy rains.