Fungicide Copper Nordox 75 WG 25g JED View larger

Fungicide Copper Nordox 75 WG 25g JED

It is a cupric fungicide-bactericide with preventive action against aerial fungi such as Alternaria, Anthracnose, Bacteriosis, Mildew, Rust, Repilo, Monilia, Mottled, Dent, Screening ... The product contains water-dispersible granules.

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Authorized applications of plant:

- Olive: against repilo and tuberculosis. - Preventative in attacks of the monilia, and bacteriosis. - Pip fruits: against "abolladura", cribado, purple moor grass and bacteriosis. - Citrus: against bacteriosis, and other fungal endophyte fomopsis. - Vine: against mildew and bacteriosis. - Vegetables: against alternaria, anthracnose, downy mildew and bacteriosis. - Potato: against mildew. - Sugar beet: against Cercospora. - Hops: against mildew. - Ornamental Shrubs: rust and other fungal endophyte.

  • Fungicide application form: foliage spray applied at doses of 0.2% (200 g / hl). In stone fruit and seed treatment fungicides in winter is recommended to apply the product to 0.4% (400 g / hl). In citrus, dose reduction to 0.15% (150 g / hl). The  content of this sachet is of 25 g which is appropriate for a pack of 15 L

  • Recommendations: due to the phytotoxicity of copper, over the the damp and cold areas, it is not recomended the application of nordox75 WG in crops or sensitive varieties to copper in special. 

-Sensitive varieties copper-based fungicides are : During te growth period of the plant. In cucurbitaceas: melon, watermelon, cucumber, etc..

  • Safety phytosanitary terms vary in function of each crop.

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