Fungicide BIO COFRE 5 lt View larger

Fungicide BIO COFRE 5 lt

It is a highly systematic copper-based fertilizer that provides excellent penetration and systemic capacity through the sap vessels. Mixed with other products, it is used to combat fungi such as:
[Míldiu, Alternaria, Roya, Repilo, Cercospora, Anthracnose, Septoria (COFRE + SORTEM)]
[Phytophtora, Pythium, Verticillium, Fusarium (COFRE + SUPERSYSTEMIK)]
[Botrytis, Powdery mildew, Bacteriosis (COFRE + ZUKO)]

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COFRE is a abonament to força of COFRE systemic characteristics (Cu2 +) which provides a Capacitat Excel·lent of
 Deep penetration systemic characteristics to it i dels vessels through the saba (i xylem phloem), aconseguint quickly tots els extrems plant.

COFRE told l'tio coure, amb the qual is an organic molecule complexa d'plant formant one pirrolato complex of coure that polimeritzat forms a conjunt d'Anells l'structure is cridada porphyrin precursor Clorofilla Essent.

   • Per mantenir nets els Liberians vessels (xylem phloem i) arribant the coure via a tots els extrems systemic characteristics of the plant.
   • Com corrector carències of coure.
   • Enhancer síntesi of Clorofilla.
   • Efecte antioxidant: capture radicals lliures i d'Espècies reactivate d'oxigen.
   • Filter against UVA Radiation.
   • Sense of fitotoxicitats problemes.
  • Producte residu zero.

   • foliar Aplicació: 250-300 cc./hectólitro (2.5 to 3 liters / hectare.)
   • root Aplicació: 400 cc / hectolitre (4 liters / hectare)