Fungicide BIO COFRE 1 lt View larger

Fungicide BIO COFRE 1 lt

It is a highly systematic copper-based fertilizer that provides excellent penetration and systemic capacity through the sap vessels. Mixed with other products, it is used to combat fungi such as:
[Míldiu, Alternaria, Roya, Repilo, Cercospora, Anthracnose, Septoria (COFRE + SORTEM)]
[Phytophtora, Pythium, Verticillium, Fusarium (COFRE + SUPERSYSTEMIK)]
[Botrytis, Powdery mildew, Bacteriosis (CHEST + ZUKO)]

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CHEST is a fertilizer of high copper systemic characteristics (Cu2 +) that provides an excellent penetration and systemic characteristics through the vessels of the sap (xylem and phloem), reaching quickly all ends of the floor . span> p>

COFRE contains copper ion, which is complexed with an organic molecule vegetable forming a copper complex pirrolato polymerised form a set of rings whose structure is known porphyrin precursor being Chlorophyll . p>


Applications: strong> p>

• To keep Liberians vessels (xylem and phloem) coming clean copper via
systemic characteristics to all ends of the floor.
• As copper deficiency corrector.
• Potenciador . of chlorophyll synthesis
• antioxidant effect: capture free radicals and reactive oxygen species
• filter against UVA
• Seamlessly phytotoxicity
•... product residue zero. p>


Dose: strong> p>

• span> Foliar application: 250-300 cc./hectólitro -
• span> root Application (2,5 3 liters / hectare.): 400 cc / hectolitre (4 liters / hectare) p>