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Fungicide BIO Cobreclean 1 lt.

Biological fungicide that acts as an inducer of defenses of plants against podribumbres very eficaç and Mildew.

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It is a formula based on copper gluconate easy absorption and rapid translocation to all organs of the plant, used as copper deficiency corrector in crops.

Copper produces phytoalexins that trigger self-defense mechanisms. Also it has a healing effect on most diseases.
Dose: 2-4cc / l
- Appearance: blue liquid
- Odor:
- PH: 2 - 4
- Density: 1.23 - 1.33 g / cc

Copper (Cu) in water solube 6% w / w
Copper (Cu) complexed by gluconic acid 6% w / w

- Packaging: 1L bottle, 5L
- Storage: Store in a cool, dry place in closed containers.
Note: On soft tissues and in extreme conditions will apply the minimum dose repeated in a short time interval to avoid phytotoxicity.

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