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Fongicide Puntal de 500g

It is a systemic fungicide used for the preventive and curative control of plants against root fungi such as Phytophtora or Pythium. It is also effective against citrus gummies and against other fungi such as mildew.

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Systemic Fungicide, strong> with capacity up translocated in the xylem and phloem down. Recommended preventive control and applied in time, healing Oomycetes (mildews); penetrates less than 1 hour at the plant and is translocated with the flow of sap. span> p>

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It acts by 2 ways: span> p>

a) direct route, by span> blocking sporulation of the fungus; p>

b) via indirectly by stimulating the natural defenses of the plant. P>


Dosage and authorized crops: strong> p>

Citrus: span> strong> span> span> p>

control aguado and Phytophthora species strong>, 250-300 g / hl span> p>

control span> gomosis strong> , apply through irrigation water on plots available installation of drip irrigation at a rate of 1-25 g / tree, depending on the cup, with a maximum per application of 10 kg / ha, making a maximum of 2 applications per season. span> p>

Security Term: 15 days span> p>.

Pome fruit: span> strong> < / span> span> p>

control Phytophthora species strong>, 250-300 g / hl. Has complementary effect against bacteriosis strong> give 2 treatments at the rate of 250-375 g / hl covering the flowering season. Span> p>

Security Term: 15 days span> p>.

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PUNTAL®, containing 80% fosetyl-Al shaped WG. P>

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