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Foliar Welgro Standard Plus 1kg

It is a foliar fertilizer of high concentration and proven quality, totally soluble. It allows a balanced contribution of macro and microelements, necessary for a good development of the plant. Its high phosphorus content makes it a product especially indicated in spring, to promote flowering and fruit set.

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  • Authorized applications of fertilizer: can be applied to any crop: olive trees, fruit trees, citrus, vegetables, ornamentals, etc.. Its composition makes it particularly suitable in spring to encourage flowering.

  • Method of application of the fertilizer: One applies a general dose of 100-300g for 100L in normal spraying, according to the need. In Olive trees, we recommend two applications: the first during sprouting at a dose of 0.5-1 kg per 100 the second at the beginning of flowering (10% open flower) at a dose of 300-500 g/100 l.