Fitofortificant based on plant extracts Agros-3  250 CC View larger

Fitofortificant based on plant extracts Agros-3 250 CC

It is a product obtained by dissolving magnesium sulfate in water. It is indicated in all types of crops: ornamentals, vegetables, fruit trees, citrus, olive trees, vineyards, etc ... It provides different advantages to plants: fluidification of the sap, penetrating effect of phytosanitary broths, protection against cold, protection against high temperatures , and increases the production and fruit set and flowering.

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Because of its quick mobility and good systemic characteristics, it provides the following advantages, among others:

  • It corrects and prevents physiopathies such as tip burn, bitter pit, and blossom end rot.

  • It increases fruit setting.

  • It acts as an anti-freeze for crops: protects against harm from low temperatures.


Because of its capacity to penetrate the cellular membranes and diffuse all types of nutrients inside the cell, it is applied in the following cases:

  • To correct and prevent physiopathies such as tip burn, bitter pit, and blossom end rot.

  • To increase the fruit setting and the final crop.

  • To improve the chlorophyllic function and increase the number of chloroplasts on darker days.

  • To reduce plant inactivity by mobilising nutrients inside the cell in situations of blockage (due to lack of water, extreme temperatures...)

  • To prevent harm from exposition to cold temperatures (anti-freeze effect).

  • To increase fruit hold and prevent it falling in strong winds.


Authorised applications:

It can be applied to all kinds of crops: vegetables, fruit trees, citrus trees, ornamentals, vineyards...


Form of use:

This product acts systemically and can be applied through the leaves as well as through the roots.

Root application: 2,5 l/Ha (using 2,5 l/Ha).

Foliar application: 250 cl/Hl (using 2,5 l/Ha).


If it is applied in a mixture with other phytosanitary products as a carrier: 100-150 cl/hl (half of the dose).

The product should be applied three times during the season, once every 15 days in stress conditions.



There is no withholding period.

In fruit crops, to protect them from cold, the best time for application is upon flower opening, after flowering, from fruit setting and during fruit setting.

This product should not be mixed with other products with a strong alkaline reaction or with copper.

It should also not be mixed with sulphur in temperatures higher than 28°C.


Product characteristics:


Magnesium oxide: 5wt%

Sulphur trioxide: 10wt%