Fertilizer Sierrablen Plus PEARL 10-5-15+Ca+Mg AUTUMN/WINTER 25 kg

It is a slow release phosphorus fertilizer obtained from treated wastewater sources, rich in this element. It is a fertilizer to apply in late summer, fall and winter, with a higher proportion of potassium to keep the lawn healthy during the times of more prone to diseases and winter. It achieves far superior root development and more efficient use of nutrients compared to traditional ammonium phosphate sources.

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The main benefits of slow phosphorus release through Root Activated ™ technology, including increasing lawn root density and improving phosphorus use efficiency, have been demonstrated by independent research published in the UK and United States.

Poly-S controlled nitrogen release technology for a stronger, denser lawn with a longevity of over 3 months
Root Activated ™ Slow Release Phosphorous, Nitrogen and Magnesium Technology Powers Root Development
Contains polyhalite with K, Ca and Mg
Recycling of N, P and Mg nutrients from treated wastewater sources, rich in these elements
For the producers of sod, the season of extraction of the sod is brought forward

We have incorporated Ostara's Pearl® technology into our select Sierrablen Plus controlled release fertilizers. With this technology, much higher root development and more efficient use of nutrients is achieved compared to traditional ammonium phosphate sources. With Pearl technology, we have eliminated the risk that phosphorous contaminates the environment by washing or that it irreversibly adheres to soil particles, blocking it: pearls only release phosphorus in response to the organic acids produced by the roots , therefore, it will be absorbed depending on the needs of the plants.

Maintenance application

Apply the fertilizer after mowing with a fertilizer spreader.



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