Fertilizer greenmaster 12+5+11 ORGANIC sac 25kg

Foliar and root action fertilizer with fast greening action. It is ideal for the impeccable preparation of the lawn during competitions, tournaments, etc. Greening is evident after a few hours of treatment. Its tonic action allows to effectively recover the yellowing due to other interventions with
herbicides, quickly restoring the color of the lawn.

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Greenmaster Organic High N provides adequate superior growth and recovery of the lawn after intensive use. It is perfect for use on fine grass where the grass is cut at a low level, as it replaces the nutrients lost in grass clippings.

- Ideal during the main growing periods of the season.
- High nitrogen levels give proper top growth
- Good recovery during periods of heavy use
- Phosphorous and potassium levels provide a vigorous herb
- Replaces lost nutrients in grass clippings

Instructions for use:
Apply to dry foliage. Avoid applications during frosty or drought conditions. Performs exceptionally well in sand-based areas. To allow granules to disperse properly, wait 3 days after application before cutting or fixing.

Granule size
1.5-2.0 mm

5-8 weeks

Average granule size (mm)

Recommended dose
35.00 - 45.00 g / m²

Pack size
25 kilograms

Turf response
7 - 10 days