Fertilizer CITRUS 8-5-6 1.5 kg View larger

Fertilizer CITRUS 8-5-6 1.5 kg

This 100% organic fertilizer for vigorous plants with abundant flowering is composed of a wide variety of natural raw materials which are gradually released by microbial life over 150 days, according to the needs of your plants.

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Pots and planters
- Mix fertilizer and potting soil when potting.
- as maintenance manure, spread the fertilizer on the pot and bury it if possible.
- Water to accelerate the action of the product.

Pots and planters
- New planting: 4-6 g/l of soil or 10-20 g/plant
- Existing plantation: 30-40 g/plant

Apply the high rate to light sandy soils and to fertilize larger plants. Apply the low rate on heavy clay soils and for smaller young plants.