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Estimulant BIO OLIVEG 5 lt

Phytostimulant based on extracts of medicinal plants, formulated to apply in association with insecticides and acaricides generating a synergistic effect. The combined action of its main natural components (oils, terpenes, phytocomponents and volatile compounds) allow its maximum adaptability in different environmental and growing conditions. Certified product in organic farming.

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VEGETABLE OIL ... ..100%
Invigorating and stimulating DEFENSE MECHANISMS
BOUNDARY is a force enhancer product that stimulates plant defense mechanisms, mitigating the attack of some insects. It works by stimulating the self-defense of the plant, it is active in mitigating attacks adults and larvae.
Products listed in Annex I of REG.CE 889/2008 (ART.3, Par.1) that applies to REG.CE 834/2007 on organic production.
Registration No: 0008321/15.
Foliar application: 150-350 cc / 100 lt water.

The Boundary SW should be applied at a pH of 5. It is very important to mix with a pH regulator, such as the Supersystemik product. Otherwise the product does not act effectively and does not attack the pest well.

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