Biologique fongicide Cobreclean 250 cc View larger

Biologique fongicide Cobreclean 250 cc

6% Copper Gluconate, used to prevent and correct copper deficiency states in crops. Product formulated with an organic complexing agent (gluconic acid) that allows the easy assimilation of the nutrient, in addition to having an ascending and descending systemic capacity. It is involved in the production of substances such as phytoalexins and in the synthesis of lignin.

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It is a formula based on copper gluconate easy absorption and rapid translocation to all organs of the plant, used as copper deficiency corrector in crops.

Copper produces phytoalexins that trigger self-defense mechanisms. Also it has a healing effect on most diseases.
Dose: 2-4cc / l
- Appearance: blue liquid
- Odor:
- PH: 2 - 4
- Density: 1.23 - 1.33 g / cc

Copper (Cu) in water solube 6% w / w
Copper (Cu) complexed by gluconic acid 6% w / w

- Packaging: 1L bottle, 5L
- Storage: Store in a cool, dry place in closed containers.
Note: On soft tissues and in extreme conditions will apply the minimum dose repeated in a short time interval to avoid phytotoxicity.