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Biological estimulant Inbi Sofo 5 liter

It is a product formulated to allow greater penetration and mobility of the macronutrients within the plant and thus prevent manganese and zinc deficiencies. Mixed with other products, it is used to combat insect pests such as:
-Insects and Lepidoptera (caterpillars) [INBI SOFO + SUPERSYSTEMIK]
-Red spider, white spider and mites: [INBI SOFO + SUPERSYSTEMIK]
-Aphid and whitefly: [INBI SOFO + SUPERSYSTEMIK].

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After three weeks of applying SOFOCROP constantly a strong decrease of the pest will be observed (it works with most pests). It is achieved because it prevents breeding conditions. It boosts its effect if combined with other products like Bacillus th, pyrethrins,... because its combined action makes insects very vulnerable.

This insecticide leaves no residue on crops and leaves a repellent effect after it is applied. Its toxicity is very low, so it does not affect other useful wildlife and does not develop resistance to it.


Marketed under the Spanish ministerial order APA/1470/2007 of the 24th of May. Informed and pending registration as “OMDF” (Other Means of Plant Defence).

Approved applications:

Developed for the use in the earlier larvae phases of the insect. It is recommended to begin treatment when the eggs are laid. It has very positive effects against:

  • font-family: helvetica;" lang="en-US">Whitefly

  • font-family: helvetica;" lang="en-US">Caterpillars

  • Tuta absoluta

  • T h rips

  • Cacopsylla pyri

  • M ites

  • Miners

  • DBM

  • font-family: helvetica;" lang="en-US">Aphids


How to apply:


Foliar application: 2.5-5 L/ 1000 L.

Make 3 constant applications during 3 weeks.


Application Recommendations:

It can be mixed with other products.




Concentrated extract of Fabaceae: 4wt%

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