Biological disease protector GreenTop 600 ml View larger

Biological disease protector GreenTop 600 ml

Protector against fungi from Vitaterra is a spray that increases the natural defenses of the plant against those diseases caused by fungi. This solution is ready to use through foliar spraying, the sprayer has a fine drop to distribute the product in a more homogeneous way on the plant, in this way more surface area is covered with less product.

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Foliar fertilizer solution valid for organic farming. Mixture of plant extracts, phenols, oils and antioxidants.
Its application increases the plant's natural defenses against diseases caused by fungi. It is not harmful to useful wildlife (bees) and domestic animals.
It is presented in a new ergonomic sprayer of finer drop spray that allows a more homogeneous distribution of the product.
Use: Spray on the leaves about 30 cm away so that it covers the entire surface.
Shake well before use.
Do not mix with any other product.