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Anti-snails BIO RepCar 250cc

It is a non-systemic foliar fertilizer based on copper. Its application nourishes the plant and strengthens its defenses, as well as protects it against the presence of slugs and snails.

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Drying produces membranes rejection cultivation generating slugs.

Mechanisms of action:
The hygroscopic component of the copper salt has high water absorption capacity. After ingestion sequesters water REPCAR intestinal tract (hepatopancreas) of the digestive tract. Also, when REPCAR contact with the membranes of snails and slugs, the dry blocking its movement.

Features and Benefits:
It is totally respectful of the environment.
NIL has an environmental impact.
It is completely free of debris.
nourishing effect.
Strengthens plant defenses against fungal diseases.

Dosage and application:
Foliar application: 200-250 cc / hl.
Spray the soil forming a protective barrier: 300-350 cc / hl.

Recommendations for use:
Do not mix with amino acids, or with fertilizers or pesticides that are incompatible with copper.
Apply to pH 6-7.