ALIETTE fungicide (Fosetyl-Al 80% WP) 1kg View larger

ALIETTE fungicide (Fosetyl-Al 80% WP) 1kg

According to R.D. 285/2021 of April 20, which establishes the storage, marketing, import or export conditions, the distance sale of this product is not allowed, and it is only possible to collect it in store.

To buy this product you require Phytosanitary applicator license according to the R.D. 1311/2012. In the case of making the purchase without said card, we will proceed to the refund of the amount paid, previously discounting the financial surcharge imposed by the bank.

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It is a systemic fungicide that fights against foliar diseases of the neck, trunk and roots, especially due to Phytophtora or Pythium, and infectious gum disease of citrus fruits.

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