Acaros DYNAMO 10 gr JED Ovicida View larger

Acaros DYNAMO 10 gr JED Ovicida

It is an acaricide with ingestion action and effective contact on mite larvae and eggs.

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non-systemic span-Carboxamide with activity acaricidal for ingestion and contact, with good translating activity and prolonged residual effect presented in the form of mojable dust. It is effective in controlling red spider eggs and larvae and other tetranichiids, and in the control of the citric sonocnistis. It can be used in: {nbsp;

{877193 {877193 {877193 tetraniquidos 0, application 50-75 g/hl (100 L of water) on the appearance of the first mobile forms, whenever the acars reach the adult state. {nbsp;PS: 14 days.
, it is recommended to perform a single application in the summer, at the start of the inn of the acars, at a rate of 10-15 g/hl (100 L of water);.nbsp;
hl hl). control of phyllocnistis {nbsp; 2 {8771912 {8771912 {8771912 {8771912 {8771912 {8771912 {8771912 {8771912 {8771912 {8771912 {8771912 {8771912 {8771912 {8771912 {8771912 {8771912 {8771912 {8771912 {8771912 {8771912 {8771912 {8771912 {8771912/8771912/ch), always before the acars reach the adult status.#nbsp;PS: 7 days before the acars reach the adult state.#nbsp;PS: 14 days before the anacars reach the adult state.#nbsp;PS: 14 days. 52 {8771995} {87771962 | 100 L of water), it must be applied when the first The best results are obtained when applied to eggs and first mobile states. In view of the presence of adults or larvae of the last ages it is recommended to apply in mixture with an adulticidal acaricida. Environmental : Dangerous N..nbsp; Users : U100: Use reserved for farmers and professional applicators. For non-professional users, exclusively the types of packaging authorized for domestic outdoor gardening.


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