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Iron chelate Fertilizer corrector 500g

It is a fertilizer with nitrogen and potassium designed to combat iron chlorosis in different types of crops such as fruit, citrus, hazelnut, subtropical, vineyard, nurseries, horticultural, ornamental and extensive crops. Its formulation in granules allows a correct application to the ground directly from the container, without diluting.

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  • Application Form: One spreads the granules on the watered area of the tree or plant.It must be incorporated and watered if no immediate rainfall is expected incorporating a task light or irrigation if rainfall is not expected immediately.

  • Authorized applications of fertilizer: fruit, citrus, hazelnut, vine, grape, banana, vegetable and ornamental horticulture Doses vary depending on the crop and the condition (between 7-250 g / tree).

  • Period of application:

- In fruit trees and other types of cultiVAT includedion a spring application is recomended at the beginning of the season. If application is delayed, one should increase the dose of the product in order to obtain the same effects. However, the iron chelate can be used whenever you want to ensure proper growth and development to those crops showing symptoms of iron chlorosis. Nevertheless, iron quelate can always be used as one sees fit to ensure growth where there are symptoms of iron chlorosis.

- In horticultural and ornamental crops, apply to the soil to increase growth

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