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Biological estimulant Berna 1 liter

It is a stimulating product that has an anti-stress and recovery effect on the crop, thus strengthening the plant wall. Mixed with other products, it is used to combat insect pests such as:
-Insects and Lepidoptera (caterpillars) [IBERNA + SORTEM]
-Aphid and whitefly: [IBERNA + SORTEM] or [IBERNA + SUPERSYSTEMIK].
-Caterpillars, miners: [IBERNA + SORTEM] or [IBERNA + SUPERSYSTEMIK].

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It acts in three different and complementary ways:

-Enhances the plant defenses, protecting it against pests. It has a bioenhancer effect on several essential enzymes for vegetal development.

-Its intake produces loss of appetite and alterations in the digestive system of the insect.


Approved applications:

Lepidoptera:  Heliothis , Spodoptera , Plusiinae .

Microlepidoptera : Tuta absoluta .

Aphids, mealybugs, whitefly, Lobesia botrana, thrips and others.


I n crops of :

  • Vegetables.

  • Most fruits, banana, citrus, trees and ornamentals.


BERNA is  harmless  for useful wildlife , environment  and humans .


How to apply:

It is a product of foliar action.


Foliar application: 4-5 cc/L (consumption of 2.5 L/ha).


It is recommended to mix it with the product SORTEM: BERNA = 2.5 cc/L of water + SORTEM = 2 cc/L of water.


Apply three times per season, one every 15 days in stress period.


Application recommendations:

Without security term.

Do not mix with con sulfur, copper or with products that are incompatible with oils

Do not mix with extreme pH products.

Ecological product.

Apply at sunset or at low insolation hours.




Product obtained from natural extracts of coconut meat and fruit seeds.

- Proteins

- A and B vitamins

- Terpenes

- Polyphenols

- Organic acids

- Antioxidant s

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