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Anti-escargots Limagram 1kg

It is a plant protection product metaldehyde based and of small granules to combat snails and slugs. Acts by contact and ingestion. Registered for parks and gardens.

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  • Limagram Antisnail protection product is: u ses snails and slug treatments in crops which are detailed below.

- Fruit crops: citrus, subtropical, deciduous, strawberry plants. - Industrial crops. - Vegetable crops: potatoes, vegetables. - Ornamental: herbaceous and hardwoods.

  • Method of application: spreading the granules on the soil around the plant to protect desired average dose of 8.5 Kg / Ha. It is advisable it is advisable to administer at dusk when the earth is damp as this increases its power of attraction.
  • Term of safety: 15 days must pass between treatment and harvesting or entry of the herd into plots treated.

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