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200g Latigo Alfa rat poison

Rodenticidal bait in the form of fresh pasta based on Alfacloralose with non-anticoagulant action, decreases body temperature, causing the individual to die at nightfall.

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  • Advantages: it remains effective to rodents including under damp conditions, easy to use immediately, biodegradable, contains bitrex which is a bitter substance that protects children and adults against accidental ingestion. 
  • Authorized applications of the rat poison: domestic use.
  • Application form: do not mix rat poison with any other product.

- Placing bait in sachets, place 10 to 20 sachets as they come, without unravelling, protect with roof tiles, tubes,bait carriers,etc.Separated from each other by 60 -10 m where the most abundance is found avoidingthe access of domestic animals.

- In open spaces where there may be a risk to other animals, such as roads, service areas outside of houses, patios, etc.. Rat poison can be distributed at a rate of 5 units every 10-20 meters depending on infestation.

- Continue placing bait until the disappearance of the plague. It is indispensable to not treat the sachets with ones bare hands, as rodents can smell with great ease the odour of human skin and thereby could reject the product. Always use protective gloves. It is essential not handle with bare hands bags, since rodents easily capture the smell of human skin and may reject the product. Always use protective gloves.

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