• Systemic insecticide that acts by contact and ingestion on a wide spectrum of insects harmful to crops, especially hemiptera (whiteflies, aphids, etc.), lepidoptera (leaf miners in fruit and citrus trees) and coleoptera (potato beetle) , altering the functioning of the nervous system, applicable to both outdoor and greenhouse crops

    16,02 €
  • Granulated fertilizer formulated for the nutrition of all types of pines, cedars, cypresses, thujas, firs and conifers in general. Benefits: Stimulates root development providing great vigor and resistance to cold, drought, pests and diseases. High magnesium content, which exerts an anti-browning effect, activating the formation of green leaves.

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  • Systemic insecticide that acts by contact and ingestion on a wide spectrum of insects that are harmful to crops, especially Hemiptera (whiteflies, aphids, etc.), Lepidoptera (leafminers in fruit and citrus trees) and Coleoptera (potato beetle). altering the functioning of its nervous system, applicable to both outdoor and greenhouse crops

    4,81 €
  • Recommended to complete insecticide treatments in hard-to-reach places. Total Discharge Vithal® Garden is an automatic total discharge aerosol insecticide and single dose recommended to complete insecticidal treatments in places of difficult access (false ceilings, chambers between walls...) or in small premises (attics, storage rooms...). The Total...

    6,26 €
  • Nutritional Potassium and Silicon Contribution authorized in Organic Agriculture. Once absorbed, it acts mainly on the cellular structures of plants, increasing the mechanical resistance of the tissues, improving the resistance of the culture to stress situations.

    68,90 €
  • This powerful insecticide acts by contact and ingestion against black ants (Lasius niger). Eliminate adults and larvae. It is effective in very small doses, even against ants resistant to classic insecticides. Its use is suitable in cracks, crevices, tile joints, baseboards, etc ... Apply to the main entrance of the anthill.

    8,98 €
  • Slightly elongated and convex root, with whitish skin and flesh, tender and delicate taste. Very fast growing. It is a very early turnip, you have to sow it just when the heat passes to harvest turnips during the winter and when spring begins we will already have spikes. Germination in 4 days and very easy cultivation. In cool areas it is advisable to...

    3,13 €
  • Origin: Planteraire de Bellcaire d'Urgell, La Noguera. Variety that makes pieces of approximately one loaf in diameter with excellent taste and texture. The leaves are very narrow and curly. When they get cold they are very sweet as they lose their bitterness and stringiness. Sowing: make seedlings from the summer solstice and transplant leaving about...

    3,13 €
  • Origin: Lluis Fises, Molins de Rei The plant can reach more than two meters in height. It is sown in October and between February and May the peas begin to be harvested. A second sowing can be done at the beginning of February and the season is extended until May. Tavelles contain between 4 and 10 peas, slightly smaller than conventional ones. Its main...

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  • Origin: Rosa Vilaró, Aguilar de Segarra. Common mid-cycle variety, good frost resistance. Long and fleshy legs. Sow: direct, in autumn or February and in cold areas in November. At 70x30 cm with 3 seeds per shot. Approx: 50 Seeds Harvest site: Mas Roig (Palafolls) and Hort del Pau (Maresme).

    3,13 €
  • Origin: Artés, Bages. For fresh consumption, in a salad or sandwich. Strong and spicy taste especially if we do not rain or the rains are scarce. It has multiple medicinal properties. It contains an extraordinary amount of Vitamin A in the form of carotenes, so it promotes the prevention of eye problems and is a good remedy for night blindness. It has...

    3,13 €

Ayuda a tu césped a recuperar el color verde después de una temporada de estrés debido al calor, plagas de hongos y insectos.


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